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Expansion Update & ScreenshotsIt's still not here? I can't remember now when it was meant to be first in beta - two years ago?
Heroes of Dire UpdateSo Ozy, this is what I see has happened since the updates: there was a flurry of activity, bringing in some new players and making a lot of retirees come and have a look. Quite a lot of in
Heroes of Dire UpdateOzy - many thanks for the updates - very nice for Dire to have some attention after all this time. Its good to see that it has attracted players back, old and new, too. However, while I
Exciting.. but.. brokenSorted, thanks
Exciting.. but.. brokenSpecifically, every level (none of which have names, they just come up as LOADING), is set as level zero. This means I cannot fight or cap anywhere (actually the HC arena seemed to be an e
Exciting.. but.. brokenSO.. I woke up tthis morning, and saw HoD had updated overnight (on android) - cool! started it up and... its broken. So many things, hard to list. Dungeon names not loading, all levels in
Heroes of Dire Update!Amcilla, Spellbook: I'm curious - is the idea still to relaunch Dire in some way (whether paid or not)? I welcome the new updates and coming changes, but those alone won't be enough to sav
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeBTW, Ozy, I actually quite enjoyed spending money in TiB, felt like a treat to myself, typically once a month buying some bds. The reason I've not spent a penny, like most people, on Dire
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeBTW, some simple tweaks: everyone has figured that digging for a new fighter is just on a clock, people even know exactly when to dig. We know all of the spawn spots for the most sought-af
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeWhat does it mean, precisely, 'What if every PvP match was Battle Royale'? Edges moving in etc has been suggested several times, including by me in the post above. But I suspect there
Heroes of Dire Update!
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeThese are my top requests, mentioned on and off already several times over the past year. Major items: Like everyone I want PvP to be sped up. If someone with a defensive mindset (i.
Pvp leader board ideaPeople want to PvP without the stress, trolling and gear arms race associated with guild wars (which has its own place, but is not what I'm talking about here). Here's a very simple sug
GH guard system favors end game playersNearly every serious post in these forums over the past year has been about how guild hall PvP doesn't work very well. Ozy himself has stated many times that he is not at all happy with th
My top requestsNow you're being pedantic for the sake of it, you know exactly what I mean. I posted this thread in a genuine response to Ozy and Amcilla both saying we should list our top change requests