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What is in a name?Shadowblaze goes back to an old gaming tag i used to use which was Shadowstar, kept a "shadow" from picking mostly stealth based characters in games. Westmoo is an old corp joke back wh
My Thoughts on SchoolyardIt was an open event, to everyone. Given the length of time this game has been out im pretty sure everyone has allied with each other at least once at this point. Sadly i missed the eve
Positive Experiences on Schoolyard PvPJust thought it would be nice create a thread showing the positives from the ones joining in on the event. If you didnt participate or dont have anything nice to say please dont post.
TIB-X Map Design Contest #1
The counter.I'll give you the solution in the easiest and shortest format: 100 Hit chance - Put a limiter to make the lowest possible rehit cooldown to 1 second. This eliminates the instant refire.
The counter.^Solved in my post above.
The counter.In which this leads to problem number 2... how do we solve the damage issue of these unstunable, highly damage resistant carriers. I know!! Maybe implement those XX Garrison perks that bam
The counter.100 hit chance always instant refine, it keeps hitting until it lands a standard hit/crit/graze, it does not miss. The refire equation is something like: Refire Cooldown = Cooldown -
The counter.Easiest fix to hit would be just introduce a min cooldown limit at 1 second, maybe even reduce the "to hit" roll from Hit 100 to something lower like Hit 50 or Hit 75. But before you
The counter.Solution is quite simple, Ozy needs to sit down, rework hit chance completely. Novas have always been a troll piece, they work as intended imo. Will people continue to moan about the sligh
tradeI have a better idea, when you die from it, it should show in server "Too lazy to turn trades off". Or is it just beneath you to do so? For something that can be resolved so easy as a sing
tradeEasy way around this, not rocket science, it's called turn your trades off. It's drilled into all rescue techs across all allies, leaving trades on results in death, by your poor judgement
Bd sale?Maybe Ozy needs to rethink how TiB operates, if it's a money sink and you aren't making money from it then change how you operate it. I personally don't know how spellbook internally funct
100 hit discussionYankeeguy Once again, eva gear has never been over powered, ever it's always underpowered compared to hit chance. But like I said, I'm not gonna say anything else about it, I'm just gonna
100 hit discussionYankee everytime you cry I think of this: Justin Timberlake- Cry me a river The answer is simply dmg reduction gear, yes tanks are completely