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On to the next one.I demand my carrier and my termi to look like old client ships on unity, oh and a new way to gamble, for example the :dice feature can be used to play craps, or peewee (clo in Miami termin
Unity Server Map DesignI can finally agree on something with rst, gj on the map I like it 1
iOS ETA??Freaking Apple, I already did email though. Thank you for the feed back.
Unity Server Map DesignI like Robbys idea, just that 20 inaccessible sectors of nanos where placed, needs to be fixed a little. Remember he did say it was rushed, he prolly just over looked it. I say Ozy should
iOS ETA??Any info on iOS users?
Dire Alphaqq when do iOS get the email for the testing on TestFlight I'm itchin for some dire
unity server map design v2Id like to see rift split into 4, and to bring back locked yards from the old days, why not in each of the 4 sectors there's a fee you pay and once you lock the yard nobody can rj in from
Unity Server Map DesignIt's not like Robby said this is the final edit. But please if anyone feel sometype of way help the TIB world out and make a few maps.
Unity Server Map DesignYou don't like it it's simple, make a new one ****EDITED BY MOD, REMOVING NON-HELPFUL TROLLING OR NON-PRODUCTIVE COMMENTS****
How about this idea?New alien faction, Wyrd New aliens sound just about right, and a new ship? Why not right? Or if not a new ship maybe a new special, I have something in mind that can be useful, I'm th
Nova Device - Temporary Fixisn't this the 2nd time it's nerfed? From the looks of it, it's gonna be real useless now, why not just remove from game and refund people bd for aug and the rp used for it. Because now I
Main Leads and Co-LeadsI like that idea kie 1
activating one of the old serversIt's really that simple, want to farm? There is gold and Ron. Don't like it oh well.
TIB News and Server Mergethe TIB God has spoken, thank you Ozy.