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Could this be the next eventThe xp boost has really helped. It also gets me and others who roid to gain cp to join in events more often to get cp, bds and drops with company. It's nice.
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!Mythra said they will never do server transfers again. A merge is possible but needs to be talked about.
Reviving old accounts?Is this...THE OG Nite?!?!?!? Damn!!!!
TIB-X updateA bit upset about merging servers. I may be in the minority because gold has less players, but I play both and appreciate developing new players in a less hectic environment as unity is.
FOR LOVE OF TIB TELL US MERGER RULESI will say it again...please never merge unity and gold...even on expansion leave it 2 servers...I don't know how they would figure out actually eliminating green grey blue red different l
Carrier on Gold Server?Please do not merge servers or even enable carriers. I agree with a previous post. Please learn from last merge. Just my 2 cents.. Steveobe
Transfers between serversPlease do not merge servers(as u said it would be technical nightmare) and please do this open transfers. I believe we on gold like how it is. I actually started playing again because of
Gaia-V on goldAnd on the steam release...takes these companies forever to make a decision..jeeze...just like apple
Gaia-V on goldI enjoy the no carrier for the time being...Fun to have low rarity geared players and not get instapop by every fleet you encounter. As for server merge-why would make a new server with n
Holiday Book Drawing!Good Luck and Happy Holidays and New Year to all of the TIB community....steveobe
Critter Catch Contest!Ending tonight at midnight(begin of 13th) or tomorrow at the end of day the 13th. Sorry just worried I'm gonna lose my spot..hehe Steveobe
Heteroclite Weapons & Auto RepairI don't mind all this change but I do ask not to make a simple game which is excellent into a game where there is so much added and subtracted that a noon or even some vets gone for a whil