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The Infinite Black - Client v3Gentlemen we all know what is needed here... The ship graphic plsss sss at least make it the original ships if new designs are not a possibility but everyone I've talked says the same t
Continuous lag while playingI have also lost my ship farming due to lag then dcd it seems to have started last week cause the last month I haven't had any issues
Lead Issue.It's a shame such lowlifes must bring there filth into a game created for people to enjoy and get away from whatever pressures they have in their life........I will say this it's not the f
invasion attacking garrison n we defend like a pve defencesounds so much fun. the game needs these types of additions to stand out. the game is good how it is with the right tweaks it would be legendary. nations,territories, and politics w
Easter Eggs, Daily Drops, Random Stuffwould be nice to see other things in space besides the same npc on repeat . territories with reputation and nation npc ,nations,wormholes,planets,asteroid fields,alien motherships.space po
(Grey Server) - Guess who's back...lol
(Grey Server) - Guess who's back...i guess ron got boring for u 2 lol wb
Neutron drive discussionomg unc ndrives !!!!
Remove space ball from Rings of Nightive had many suggestions. we all have posted many suggestions to make the game better in our eyes.... HERE IS ANOTHER :) how about messing with the npc behavior so that the game becomes
WTS corp on red, blue, green and grey serveri would like the blue corps if they are still available pm me swift1
Remove space ball from Rings of Nightremoving balls never solved someones problems in fact it might create some other types of problems........
Protect newer playersdidas bro ive had the same problem and have asked the same questions. why do stronger players team up to kill smaller weaker solo ships like myself at the time.but that question answers it
connection failureTHE MERGE HAS BEGUN!!!
connection failureHelppppppppp im tryna log in with my lg optimusprime and its says connection failed. I havent cursed so why no connection?
a handsome group for a handsome bunchHandsome bunch forum group is recruiting anyone with imaculate looks post on here if you want in or have questions Space travel never looked this good - swift1