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SB addiction help forum *its a joke people *I'll post my one of my *well fck...." moments on multiple occassions I've sold all my stealths from x6 fleet to make one good bet.....yeah only worked out like once out of 5 times and I en
SB addiction help forum *its a joke people *I open this forum for all those who bet red and it came up black. and those who stalk innocent np for some creds you make the next role. and yes even those who sell there gear for one mor
:blackhole L (fake suggestion)I think that's a great idea "the fear of natural disasters" gives the game a bit of the unknown. suggestion thoe make it so leg or higher scouts can detect them but only a sector or two
Adverts and stuffHi ozzy about the advertisement best ads on a game ive ever seen placed was *galaxy reaver* every 10 minutes or so a person click 1of2 buttons to watch 15-30 sec commercial for a random ge
Ship Construction YardsOk have been reading post on ways to mod ships for durability and upgrades love the 200 to 250 ship natural mortality only so much duct tape u can slap on and the drones being a add on to
Idea for HDhere's an idear for hd if you choose to shut it off you get a 3% to invasion and rift farming
Community designed mapWhat happens to ships we have purchased on diffrent servers such as a flayer on blue and a flayer on green?
Old accountsKk did lets see if they can help
Old accountsHi im tallonsfury1 nd i have had many.....accounts and used to multi screen. Now i lost my pc a bit back and lost ability to multi ship. But now i maybe regaonning my ability to multi ship
The Infinite Black - v2.0 Beta Test (0.9.4)i just want to say ty to mods for all there hard work u guys and gals are da bomb!!!
TIB: Skull Perks-Are they almost done?im on old players and still do my best to help noobs why? becuase to keep this game active we always need new blood but that doesnt mean noobs should be handed what alot of us have worked
Time for New Ships !!! Termy X n Termy Zwhat about a ship that does the speed cap or better yet a ship with built in ndrive with the ep of a flayer or devastator?