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Evasion sets ....waste of money?I literally said it in my post....a counter is not always a complete nullification of something else. U want to survive 10 defense ships firing at u at once with 20k hp dmg potential.....t
Evasion sets ....waste of money?Hmmm...i kind of see what BAMF is QQing about, but i dont really see it as an issue. In order to have 100 hit chance you have to sacrifice some other stats, like crit dmg, crit chance..
Two Server PolicyIf history taught us anything,....every single powerhouse alliance falls in due time. Whether its due to voluntary brake down for the good of the game or just a shift in power gained v
Server Merge - SoonNoob slaughter was always frowned upon on grey, and most fleets dont shoot non-cp worthy ships. Problems start to arise when the fleet been jumping all over the map for an hour without
Server Merge - SoonOZY.....YOU WILL NEVER PLEASE EVERYONE...JUST DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE....MERGE EVERYONE !!! This thread is soaked with QQ from peeps acting like little sissies who are about to be take
CP Buffs - A CP Sink and game balancer?ZIPPY...sorry for derailing your thread bro! Might have been suggested before but: USE CP FOR GARRISON RESEARCH...Just come up with a conversion ratio of CP to RU
CP Buffs - A CP Sink and game balancer?That too sounds logical, however if that was the case i doubt that Ozy would stress the fact that having less in your inventory reduces lag. Also, the modded client that surfaced, displ
CP Buffs - A CP Sink and game balancer?You do realize that while moving 5 sectors for example, i can have 5 different gear configurations right? Hence the client communicates what i have on me at the time of the jump...it ha
Removing class from CPUs/SpecialsThis is nothing short of BLASPHEMY...how dare you make suggestions that would devalue my "Grey Shuttle"...didnt you have enough with BOE gear?
CP Buffs - A CP Sink and game balancer?Overall nice idea, similar been suggested before, but i dont think that will happen. If memory serves one of the things Ozy was really proud of in the game is how little bandwidth it ta
Collaborative eventSince this whole 3% dura thing brought back some activity and discussion, and i actually logged in to the forums, i want to raise this topic again. Create some sort of Collaborative eve
3% Durability Loss EventHow about letting people do SHOW using CP...say 250 CP for a SHOW or something along those lines, to create an additional CP sink
3% Durability Loss EventFirst and foremost i would have to say that this is a VERY GOOD MOVE From spellbook. In my eyes this counts as a NEW event, that can be tried again in the future. The way i see it its n
PvP Tournament (Grey Server)Thanx again for the fun tournament Oober. ALSO, here is a crazy thought: OZY, do you suppose that your Mods can actually run some events or something similar in the game themselves, in
GOLD server details/suggestionsThis is actually a very good idea. This way you do not completely alienate the actual vets who were here from day one and are now permanently stuck on the servers with dwindling populat