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Skullable Limited Edition StoragesI think bringing limited storages to either skull gear or reward points is good for the game. The game has changed since that KS. I think this is an easy change that can be implemented tha
Skullable Limited Edition StoragesI would like these to be added as skull items as well.
New holiday eventHey Ozy, I just wanted to see if we could get a holiday event this upcoming weekend and keep up until end of the year. Here are just a few ideas: 3x cp and 1% durability loss 2x or 3x bd
4th of July eventHi Ozy, Any chance we can get a new event this week? Maybe: 3x cp 2x bd drops from all invasions (black and rift) 2x or maybe 3x xp from all invasions (black and rift) Chance for boe d
Memorial Day Weekend Event?I would agree, a new weekend event would be great. With the possibility of keeping some aspects of the event going past the weekend. Some other ideas for event in addition to the ones
Event updateAny chance on maybe getting a new event or some add ons to the current one? Possible add ons: 2x bd drops from all invasions Chance for Boe drops from rift invasions Chance for Limited s
today marks month 5 since any TIBX updates on the forums.Thanks for the update Ozy.
New holiday eventHi Ozy, Will there be a new holiday event for Christmas? That is, if TIBX isn't slated to be released. Just some ideas: - 3x cp everywhere - 3x cp garrison kill - 2x skulls (1 for alli
Expansion update?Any new updates on the expansion?
Limited Edition storagesIs there a way to get limited edition storages added to the list of items that can be exchanged for reward points? Or possibly to have an event to drop them?
4th of July event plans??Hey Ozy, Are there any plans for a 4th of July weekend event? Like maybe increased bd & loot drops in invasions?