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TIB-X Map Contest #15 (Ends December 1)
TIB-X Map Contest #14 (Ends 11/29)
TIB-X Map Creation Contest #13 (ends Monday November 27th)
Unity Server Map DesignPersonally I'd still like to give Robby's map a go it seems more along the lines of what some was shooting for. Red's map wasnt all that if we are gonna change it up go with new not a rep
Unity Server Map DesignI like Robby's Idea
We need a merge... Seriouslythen those stuck in limbo between 2 servers are still stuck :S reason transfer is asked over n over to be useable but everytime we ask about it has to be recoded and will be done soon *whi
We need a merge... SeriouslyBlizzy have i told you lately that i adore you? :) xariol you know i heart you too but... you seem to be the only one that keeps picketing no merge of unity and grey lately. It's not gon
We need a merge... SeriouslyOk since the last update on this thread which was on the 17th. Has there been any progress on getting the transfer at least open don't get me wrong I'm ready for the merge myself but I'd
Server Merge - Sunday May 1st?^^^^^^ THAT RIGHT THERE TY LEG!!!
Server Merge - Sunday May 1st?It boils down to people don't want the grey aspect of the game already on grey people are like mmmm fresh meat pew pew pew.... Then you got players on red blue green that are like I left g
100 hit discussionNow that is more plausible imho well said xariol
Holiday Book Drawing!Yeah buddy!!! happy holidays!!!
Recent Concerns about "Hacking"WALL OF TEXT! Hi temptress :) I see you have a run on sentence there. I think I got the gist of it. Just thought i'd say hi. HI hun :) yeah when I get frustrated at people that w
Recent Concerns about "Hacking"Awww how lovely while I have been gone I see my name pop up on something I know I emailed to the mods many moons ago if it was allowed would I loved to of used it sure but sadly EULA said
BD Drop SolutionI rather play TIB not RON tbh being able to jump whenever or where ever is better then not being able to move at all