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The Infinite Black Expansion!Seems to be end game self interest to me, no offence. doesn't at all have the best interests of the game with that idea. As the kak chat has gone until today, the biggest issues are makin
Sale of dead accounts gearWhat if a third party website, already set up for this sort of thing (i've encountered a few) were enlisted as a sales person for players and worked on spellbook behalf? Theres a few sites
The Infinite Black Expansion!They are doing a new Kickstarter for the expansion, don't spend your gaming money on anything else!
TIB 1 KS IdeasI would like purchase packs like other games, For example Beginners 30 day supply cache -50 bd a day for every day you login during those 30 days - every 5th login you have a random c
Idea for new player retention and "safer" game playBuild tib from the ground up again, start a Kickstarter and we will fund it plus a bonus for you all :) We have near on 100 people in a kak room specifically set up for this discussion,
Resource Harvesting & GuildsIt's a bit early to tell but early thoughts are, a lot of standing around and waiting, then some more time asking whos turn it is to harvest, and It seems like it's going to take 30 commo
Bots in gameWhat makes you think they are bots? Why does their fighter choice make you think that? Not sure I understand
If you implement PvP, Hardcore fighters will die foreverSorry chosen but you're being ridiculous here, you have bought hc fighters, realised that "hardcore" isnt for you and now you want to switch the whole concept of "hardcore" to something a
Risk versus rewardOh please tell us more! How will crafting work? Costs, and requirements?
Risk versus rewardOK for the xp I accept that, it just seems weird to get the same xp even when I'm a higher level map I guess. Nothing has changed with repair cost or damage, I didn't say it did, I said
Item Storage Fix (Player houses)Housing just seems like a bad idea to me, maybe for other games but I can't see where it has a use in dire, you can have 120 storage on your account, if that's not enough then I don't kno
Risk versus reward@ozy What would be the chances of getting the xp gain and loot chances looked at? If things were balanced before the last update, and you were happy with the balance of risk versus reward
New XP FormulaWhat are you talking about? This isn't beta testing, it's had general release already, if we did have a do over I'd do things a lot differently and I wouldn't have spent a fortune hiring f
treasure map clues, no around clueWhy has this turned into accusations of script use and underhand tactics? It's clearly none of those things, it's just a lack of understanding about the messages. Also unearthing needs a
treasure map clues, no around clueI still don't know what on gods green planet unearth is, And I've been playing this since early testing. wiki please! this isn't a small part of the game which is irrelevant, there's serv