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Expansion Update & ScreenshotsA new game would be better served by a new community. The hollow shell that used to be TIB is now nothing but a handful of lifers, and that's not an environment that is welcoming to new pl
Small Updates? Maybe?Unfortunately, the game - and any real support for it - is dead. He took $100k from the Kickstarter campaign 3 years ago now. The money intended for development and production of TibX has
New mapLOL. I'm not sure how you guys can't see the forest for the trees. The game is 1000% dead, except for a few "lifers" from the same small handful of Corps. But the existing population of ac
Encourage activity?The game population is long gone. It would take some THICK rose-colored lenses not to see that. There were some like me clinging on only because of the promise of an update a couple years
today marks month 5 since any TIBX updates on the forums.It's officially now been more than 2 YEARS since the Kickstarter for TibX (July 3, 2017). You can ask all you want, but I keep hearing the Eagle's chorus in my head... "Go on, take the
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsAlmost at the 2 year mark since the Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly $100,000. GG WP. I'm gonna go make a Kickstarter, seems like EZ money. I don't even have to produce anything!
About to hit 2 years since the TibX Kickstarter...It's looking like we're gonna hit the 2 year anniversary of the TibX Kickstarter campaign that started July 3rd, 2017...with nothing to show for it. I've tried to log in a couple times a y
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....Crickets. :[
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsTruth be told, the only reason I'm still hanging around is to wait and see what these people suffering from Stockholm Syndrome have to say when they finally realize that someone cashed in
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....If 100 people quitting has ANY impact at all to your game - then your game was dead well before that point.
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....He did it because the population was declining and no longer supported so many different servers...Like any other game that's dying. It happens all the time (remember WoW?). And if anyo
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsThe 2018 numbers really tell the story - you only needed 1 Garrison kill to make the "Top 25 clans for the year" list. The only players who don't think this game is dead are in an echo cha
Can this post get 100 dislikes!!There aren't even 100 people that play TIB, let alone 100 active forum posters. Lol.
The game stateThe game has been dead for quite some time now. It's really just a handful of hardcore players seal-clubbing, alternate accounts, and the occasional new player that stays for a ahort time
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....Dead game is dead. It's really just down to a handful of dedicated players from a few different corps. I've been off and on for a number of years, stubbornly hoping for something new to ge