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=The Rings of Night Wiki=

Need Support? Questions or comments? Order or account issues?

Email us! [mailto:[email protected] [email protected]]

=Download The Game=
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=Support the Heroes of Dire Kickstarter=

From April 27th to May 27th we are running a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter for our upcoming game, Heroes of Dire (HOD)! And what is a Kickstarter without Rewards?  We're going to make it rain!

If you pledge to the Kickstarter project, we will not only give you a TON of rewards for HOD, but also reward you in Rings of Night!

If you make a pledge to Heroes of Dire ''through'', we will give you '''2.5X Credits!'''  Some tiers will also reward you with '''Limited Edition Holds'''!

Please read this post for more details:

'''[;scat=3&amp;tid=2547 Heroes of Dire Kickstarter Information] (forums)'''

'''[ Heroes of Dire Website]'''

'''[ Heroes of Dire Kickstarter Project]'''

'''[[Active]] Pages'''

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==Play Guides==
&lt;center&gt;'''[[Player Tutorials]]'''&lt;/center&gt;
Please submit your tutorials to our contact email address, or post them to the Forums!
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==Game Updates==
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==Developer Posts==
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