Account Purging and Deletion

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As part of regular server and database maintenance, any account which is flagged as a "Throw Away" account will be purged semi-regularly. Many unplayed and barely-played accounts are regularly created, and too many of these unused accounts would otherwise slow down the game's performance. Because of this, it's absolutely critical we regularly purge these unused accounts.

To be eligible for a purge on server reset, certain criteria must be met:

  • An account must be inactive for 60 days
  • An account must have less than 100 minutes of played time
  • An account must have less than 50,000 credits.

If an account is active, has > 100 minutes of played time, or has 50k+ credits on it, it will NEVER be purged.

Players are entirely responsible for maintaining their own accounts. "Throw-away" accounts cannot be restored under any circumstances. Once they are gone, they are gone.