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A Critical strike increases damage or repair total by 100% or more!

Critical Chance

When a successful hit occurs (Attacker does not Miss), the chance to inflict Critical Damage is defined as:

  • C = Attacker's Critical Chance
  • R = Target's Critical Resist
  • Chance to Critical = C / (R+100)

The actual chance that any weapon discharge will result in a Critical strike is increased by the Attacker's Hit Chance, and reduced by the Target's chance to cause a Miss (see: Evasion).

Critical Damage

When a successful Critical Strike occurs, the minimum and maximum damage of the attacker's weapon is multiplied by: (2 + Critical Damage Modifier). For example:

  • Attacker's Minimum Damage = 50
  • Attacker's +Critical Damage Modifier is 20%
  • Attacker's Critical Damage Minimum = 50 * 2.20 = 110
  • Attacker's Critical Damage Maximum = 110 * 2 = 220