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The Rules

Rings of Night asks you to do one thing: Keep the game clean.

The Rules apply to both Chat and Account Names.

Account names that violate ANY game rules will be banned, and all experience, items, and currencies will be lost.

If your account is Banned, you lose access to Rings of Night. You will not be able to log into existing accounts, and you will not be able to make new accounts.

When you are Silenced you lose the ability to Chat.

Repeated rule breaking and extreme chat violations will result in PERMANENT loss of chat privileges.

If you do not want to be silenced or banned from the game, do not break the game's simple rules!

Note: Bypassing the profanity filter by using alternative spellings of blocked words is against the rules. This includes using non-alphanumeric characters (!, $, *, etc...) as substitutions for letters. Spoonerisms (switching letters of offensive words and sayings) also are against the rules.

Things That Will Get You Banned From The Game

  • Racism
  • Gender Slurs
  • Religious Slurs
  • Offensive and Improper account names
  • Logging into an account that isn't yours
  • Attempting to access an account that does not belong to you
  • Repeated Rules Violations
  • Impersonating Spellbook Employees
  • Botting and using Scripts

Things That Will Get You Silenced

  • Profanity
  • Circumventing Obscenity Filters
  • Adult-Themed Comments or Jokes
  • Sexual-Themed Comments or Jokes
  • Drug References
  • Spamming

Corporation Naming Policy

Leaders of Corporations and Alliances with names that violate The Rules will be banned and will remain banned until the Corporation is completely purged from the server through the bi-monthly purge process process. Banked items and money will not be restored, nor will purchase costs and upgrades be refunded.