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Each Corporation controls six Garrisons. Each Garrison can enable one Corporation Technology. Garrisons also provide the focal point for PvP combat.

Items in the Garrison Item Bank

Items in the Garrison Item Bank will be used to defend the Garrison. The Garrison's Attributes are determined by the Items placed in the Garrison Item Bank. The Garrison Item Bank can hold:

NOTE: The number and types of items that can be used by a Garrison are in testing, and might change without notice!

Attacking a Garrison

A Corporation's Garrison can be attacked by any player at any time! The Garrison will attack back and Repair itself, just like a normal player would. Defenders are responsible for repairing the Garrison and themselves.

  • Garrisons can be Attacked only by players with Hardcore Mode turned ON.
  • Garrisons can be Repaired only by players with Hardcore Mode turned ON.

When a Garrison is attacked, it will target the following players:

  • Any player who is part of the Corporation that attacked the Garrison, whether Hardcore Mode is On or Off
  • Any player who repairs a player attacked by the Garrison

The Garrison will continue to attack players for 5 minutes after the last attack, either by a player against the Garrison, or by the Garrison against a player.

When a player attacks a garrison they become hostile to ALL garrisons in that corporation.

Repairing a player who is hostile to a corporation will transfer hostility to the repairer.

Destroying a Garrison

When a Garrison is destroyed

  • It cannot be redeployed for 60 minutes
  • Items in the Garrison lose durability (up to 5%) and are placed into the Corporation Leader's Bank

Other Notes

  • Garrisons do not defend attacked players.
  • Garrisons should NEVER be considered safe.
    • However, Planet Garrisons do require that the garrison be engaged for players to attack one another.
  • Players can be freely attacked, grappled, and stunned while on their garrisons.
  • Garrison sectors can be moved between freely. Garrisons do not block movement to other sectors.