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There are 7 general item types in Rings of Night.

  • Weapons - determines how much damage your ship does to enemy ships and how often each attack occurs.
  • Armor - the hull of your ship which greatly influences how many Hull Points (HP) you have, as well as affecting your jump/movement speed.
  • Storage - the cargo hold of your ship which allows you to carry around more resources.
  • Engines - primarily affects movement speed and movement capabilities, including stealth technology.
  • Computers - allows for customization of a ship's stats, but with some penalties in other stats.
    • Advanced (Tech) Computers have more bonuses and less penalties.
    • Some computers have EquipPoints bonuses, which let you use even bigger weapons, armor, or storage.
  • Harvesters - increase Asteroid harvesting efficiency, as well as providing some minor stat bonuses.
  • Specials - generally add some active or passive combat abilities to ships. In some cases, instead of providing a special ability, a Special item will offer an extra-large boost to some combat stats.

Item Acquisition

Items can be acquired many different ways: