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  • NPC hulls reduced by around 20%
  • Loot drops have been doubled
  • Invasion movement has been slowed by 5 seconds
  • One*account*per*device limit removed
  • All XP from kills doubled
  • Max XP per kill now 1000 instead of 300
  • All NPCs deal less damage
  • NPCs stack less in Universe 3 and 7
  • Fixed name display issues in chat window
  • Fixed name display issues on map


  • Improvements to battery use and performance
  • Hardcore players show on map with correct color
  • Fixed issue with order delivery


  • NPC hull totals reduced
  • NPC drag after grapple slowed down
  • Invasion bosses repair 2x more slowly
  • Item repairs with credits
  • NPCs stack up less in Universe 6+
  • Level cutoff for hunting NPCs is 20 below (was 15)
  • Scout Special scanning radius increased
  • Killing players might steal item durability to repair gear
  • Killing garrisons might steal item durability to repair gear
  • Officers and Leaders have highlighted corp chat text
  • Item rewards for leveling up! (4, 8, 12, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100)


  • In-game tutorial
  • Improved SpaceBall dialog
  • Fixed several minor bugs
  • PvP Kills now drop credits (Lvl 10+)
  • Garrison Kills now drop credits


  • Improved SpaceBall dialog
  • Improved the Coin and Corp menus


  • SpaceBall Mini-Game (Coin Menu)


  • Leaderboard Menu
  • Reduced item upgrade costs based on durability
  • More NPCs to slaughter
  • More detailed reports, leaderboards, and stats


  • Flip screen orientation
  • Reports Menu


  • Many force close and crash fixes
  • Improved memory use
  • Faster app load time
  • Less battery consumed
  • Smaller package size
  • Music loops
  • 'XP Required To Level' in ship information
  • Auction House fee reduced to $2,000 (any item)
  • Repair Hull bonus of +1 per level
  • New Settings Dialog
  • One Column entity list option
  • Bug Fix: Sell Resources window not opening


  • Full version release
  • Many map improvements
  • Daily 10% Off Deals (Coin Menu)


  • Improve Jump Button
  • Status popups for Grappled and Stunned


  • Random Item price adjustments
  • Many item stat changes
  • Technology Capture Points


  • New maps
  • New achievements
  • New Engine items
  • Added Random Engine item in Coin menu
  • Earth Jump free but only works in Blue or Corp sectors
  • Corp Jump free but only works in Blue sectors
  • NPCs have less health but there are more of them!
  • Invasions will target and chase players!


  • Split volume control for Combat and UI sounds
  • Make combat sounds less annoying
  • Improve the StarPort resource dialog
  • Improve the Garrison dialog
  • Combat Flash on/off in settings


  • Attempting to fix account issues with Kindles


  • 450 new item icons
  • Level 10 hardcore limitation removed
  • Tap-to-attack NPCs (long-press to follow)
  • Removed repair combat flash

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  • Music *

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