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Research is the act of applying resources directly towards upgrading an Item's Rarity. The amount of Research Points needed to upgrade an item is identical to the cost in Credits of upgrading the item by Engineering. Resources can be redeemed for a greater amount of Research Points than the amount for which they can be sold at StarPorts.

  • Organics: 15 Research Points
  • Gas: 30 Research Points
  • Metal: 45 Research Points
  • Radioactives: 60 Research Points
  • Dark Matter: 75 Research Points

You can see the number of Research Points required to upgrade an item on the Engineering Costs page.

Once every minute, a Corporation's Planet will attempt to upgrade an item placed in the Research Panel. The research will fail if:

  • Not enough Research Points have been accumulated to upgrade the item placed in the Research Panel, OR
  • No item is placed in the Research Panel

Players can deposit resources to help the Corporation accumulate Research Points at any time, even if no item is placed in the Research Panel.