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A Ship is your personal vehicle in Rings of Night. The number of EquipPoints (EP) you have is largely dependent upon the size of your Ship. New Ships are purchased at Earth. There are 10 different Ships you can own.

Available Ships

  • Shuttle
    • Cost: Free!
    • EP: 5
  • Frigate
  • Destroyer
    • Cost: $6,000 Credits
    • EP: 9
  • Battleship
    • Cost: $25,000 Credits
    • EP: 11
  • Titan
    • Cost: $60,000 Credits
    • EP: 12
  • Flagship
    • Cost: $150,000 Credits
    • EP: 13
  • Executioner
    • Cost: $380,000 Credits
    • EP: 14
  • Despoiler
    • Cost: $920,000 Credits
    • EP: 15
  • Annihilator
    • Cost: $2,600,000 Credits
    • EP: 16
  • Terminus
    • Cost: $9,800,000 Credits
    • EP: 18

Unlocking Ships

In order to unlock a Ship, you must have unlocked all smaller Ships. In other words, Ships must be unlocked in order. For example, in order to unlock a Titan, you must have unlocked a Battleship.

When you visit Earth and tap on the Earth icon, a list of Ships will be displayed. Ships that you have unlocked have a blue background. The Ship that next in line to be unlocked has a grey background. Ships that are not eligible to be unlocked have a black background.

Selecting a Ship to Use

There are no drawbacks to using a bigger Ship so you will always use the largest Ship you've unlocked.