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There are 16 Technologies available from which a Corporation can choose to enable:

Enabling a Technology provides an Attribute boost to all players who are members of the Corporation. A Corporation can have up to seven Technologies active at any time.

  • 1 Technology enabled at each of 6 Garrisons owned by the Corporation
  • 1 Technology enabled by discovering a Technology Capture Point

Technology Capture Points

A Technology Capture Point is a place on the map where a Corporation can "capture" a temporary attribute bonus for all its players. Technology Capture Points are placed randomly throughout the Rings of Night game world. Every 12 hours, they can jump to a connected Sector. Periodically, the locations of the Technology Capture Points will be shuffled.

  • When a Technology is Captured, the Corporation receives an attribute bonus for two hours.
  • If the Technology that is Captured matches one that is enabled in a Corporation Garrison, then Capturing the Technology has no effect.
    • Garrison Technology and Captured Technology do not "stack".
  • While a Corporation owns a Captured Technology, it cannot Capture another one
  • While a Corporation owns a Captured Technology, that Technology cannot be Captured by another Corporation