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'''July 4, 2014'''
Rings of Night is LIVE!
Visit [https://www.spellbook.com/ Spellbook.com] to access the Forums and Download page!
'''June 23, 2014'''
Thanks for all your feedback everyone. Pretty much all of the suggestions for improvement here will make it into the full version.
I'm going to close the Rings of Night threads on the Forums, but we'll have a forum set up for it soon.
The alpha test will be going down today. A fresh reset and full launch will happen within a week or two (depending on server hardware, network, security configs, and legal stuff like EULA, copyright, licensing music, etc).
You will want to uninstall the Alpha client. It won't work when the new version is posted, and it might screw up the new one's install.
-- Ozymandias
'''June 19, 2014'''
The Rings of Night ALPHA test is open, and will be live for one week!  Thank you everyone for testing and giving your feedback on the forums.
-- Mythra

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