Precursor Harvester
Credit Value: $950,400
5 Harvest Capacity
55s Harvest Speed

+15 Evasion
+10% XP Gain

Requires Level 25

Item Score:  317
Faction: Rift

Who has this item equipped

Player Corp Alliance Server
adsfdklj Elysian Fields The Dynasty 0
becca96 NXT Orbital Knights 0
DayanaSC Daves Goat Farm Venom 0
JohanDerksen Shadow Syndicate The Dynasty 0
usine60 Daves Goat Farm Venom 0

Price history on this equipment item

Last Sale Seller Name Buyer Name Durability End Price Server
3/19/2017 GreenGrouch IDontKnow3rd 101 $7,500,000 Gray
2/20/2013 Cyric MotorCity 100 $5,106,076 Red