Tractor Beam

Precursor Special
Credit Value: $1,252,800
Carrier-Class Ships
+20 Stun Chance
+5.5s Stun Duration

Requires Level 25

Item Score:  418

Who has this item equipped

Player Corp Alliance Server
02Escalade 0
77ru Elysian Fields The Dynasty 0
Argent Insurgent Insurgentz 0
Bzzzt Orbital Knights Insurgentz 0
Ced2 Elysian Fields The Dynasty 0

Price history on this equipment item

Last Sale Seller Name Buyer Name Durability End Price Server
1/8/2016 (Noob) (Noob) 100 $8,000,000 Gray
3/30/2014 (Noob) (Noob) 81 $6,900,000 Gray