Account Purging and Deletion

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Due to the open and free nature of The Infinite Black, tens-of-thousands of new and alternate accounts are created each week.

In order for the database and servers to work efficiently we occasionally must purge inactive accounts.

Accounts that have not been logged before 2016 might be deleted!

Valid (non-throwaway) accounts from 2016+ will purge after 3 years of inactivity.

Throwaway accounts are defined as:

  • They have not logged in for 60 days, AND:
    • They have less than 300 minutes of :PLAYED time or
    • They have less than $10,000 Credits or
    • They have less than 10 Black Dollars or
    • They have less than 4 Reward Points

To protect your accounts from being purged, please make sure they meet the above criteria.

No reimbursements or refunds will be given for Accounts, Corporations, or Alliances that have been purged!

If you are in the military and are going to be deployed, please email [email protected] so we can make a record of your account on the off-chance that you will be offline for over a year.

All purging and deletion events occur during server maintenance, which is run "as needed" and not on any schedule.