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DO NOT EVER share your account information with other players, no matter how honest or trustworthy you think they are.

DO NOT EVER access an account which is not yours!

It is a federal felony in the United States to access someone's account. It comes with serious prison time.

It does not matter how you acquired someone's password, or how poor their password is: When you access an account without permission, you commit a crime in most countries.

The exact same laws apply to The Infinite Black, and no amount of Black Dollars, Credits, or Items is worth it.

We have provided relevant information to law enforcement and civil attorneys, and will absolutely do it again -- do not even attempt it.

If you think someone might have your password or you feel it is not a good password, please contact us to have it changed.

It is your responsibility to keep your account secure. If you pick a stupid password that's easy to guess (e.g. "password" or "1234567" or your Account Name), that's on you.