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When you log into The Infinite Black, you agree to the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT:

This is a legally-binding contract, and details the conditions for your use of our software and servers.

You have explicitly agreed to not use other people's accounts, and to not let other people use yours.

This is for your protection, and ours.

Do Not Share Accounts

  • If someone is banned, all accounts they have ever used are also banned. THIS INCLUDES YOUR ACCOUNT!
  • If there is ever a dispute about the account, it will be permanently banned. We may also ban you, and everyone else involved.
  • Even if you don't get banned, we will not provide help or customer support for shared accounts.

When you share an account, you accept all risks and liability.

It is your responsibility, your problem, your fault, and your loss when it turns sour.

Dishonest and angry people will do stupid things. They will access your private email, they will delete your Facebook account, and they will hijack your XBox Live account if given the chance....all because you shared too much private information and your password with a stranger on the internet.

The Infinite Black staff is not getting paid to clean up after your risky, stupid decisions. Sharing passwords is dangerous, and will always end badly.