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Armor is the basic defensive Item type available in The Infinite Black.

Armor primarily provides Hull Capacity (Hull Points, Health or HP) and defensive stats and abilities. However, some rare armors sacrifice HP and defensive stats for offensive capabilities.

Armor comes in three different flavors; light, medium, and heavy. Light armor provides evasion and movement speed bonuses at the cost of hull points. Heavy armor has evasion and movement speed penalties, but have many hull points. Medium armors are in-between and provide medium amount of hull points with no evasion or movement speed bonuses or penalties.

Most stat bonuses and penalties on armor increase or decrease as the size of the armor changes. This is especially true for hull capacity, evasion, and movement speed stats. However, some stat bonuses are unlocked as an armor's item rarity is increased.

Armor can be upgraded with Item Engineering.

A full database of Armors can be accessed through the Web Tools site.

Human/Pirate Armor

Human/Pirate Faction armor specializes in the grapple resist stat and overall damage reduction at higher rarities.

These items can be obtained through:

Heteroclite Armor

Heteroclite faction armor specializes in the critical resist stat and provides bonuses to metal hull repair.

These items can be obtained through:

Wyrd Armor

Wyrd faction armor specializes in the splash resist and stun resist stats, and it has the best hull point bonuses per rank.

These items can be obtained through:

Rift Armor

Rift Faction armors are offensively focused, and provide little hull point bonuses. All Rift armors have +1 EquipPoints.

These items can be obtained through: