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Asteroids can be found all over the galaxy, but they are most common in lightly-trafficked areas such as Invasions and The Rift.
Several sectors with multiple asteroid types

Asteroid harvesting is done by tapping on an asteroid.

When an asteroid is harvested, it provides resources, experience, and Black Dollars.

  • The amount of resources harvested is determined by the Harvest Capacity of equipped Harvesters items.
  • The amount experience earned is affected by the Experience Gain % stat.
  • The types of resources harvested are determined by the rarity/quality of the asteroid.
  • The experience earned is determined by the rarity/quality of the asteroid, as well as some randomization.

There are five classes of asteroids, in order of increasing quality of harvests:

  • Ice
  • Rock
  • Metallic
  • Radioactive
  • Black

Asteroids also come in four sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Very Large

Harvesting an asteroid has a chance of decreasing its size. When a small asteroid is fully depleted, it disappears. When it disappears, a new asteroid is spawned elsewhere on the map.