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Attacking a target

Tapping on an enemy player or NPC turns on auto-Attacking, initiating combat.

The speed of each attack is determined by the cooldown speed of equipped Weapons. A weapon will only re-fire after the cooldown timer reaches 0. When a weapon fires, it deals damage to the enemy target within its given damage range (excluding critical hits, misses, and grazes).

Auto-Attacking on a target continues until the enemy is defeated or a new target is chosen.

Long-pressing on an enemy also starts auto-Attacking, as well as auto-Follow.

Auto-Attacking can be stopped by tapping on the target.

If an enemy moves out of the sector, auto-attacking will be "paused." Once the player follows the enemy, or if the enemy moves back into the sector, auto-attacking will be "un-paused" and continue automatically.

Auto-attacking is processed on the server, not by the client software on your phone. Therefore, attack speed is not affected by poor internet connections.