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The Auction House Basics


The Auction House is an in-game market where players can buy, sell, and auction items. The market can accessed by tapping on the gavel icon located on the left-hand side of the game screen.

The Auction House can only be used to buy and sell items with an Item Rarity uncommon or better. Common items are not considered valuable, and can be found at StarPorts instead of the market.

All auction activity is done out of a player's Bank.

  • Items must be placed inside the bank to be sold on the auction house.
  • Items purchased on the auction house can be retrieved from the player's bank.

All auctions are done with Credits. You can buyout auctions with Black Dollars, but the seller is paid in credits.

Searching for Items

Market main.png

The Search interface can be accessed by tapping on the Search button.

Market search buttons active.png

Market unc weapon.png

This image displays a list of Uncommon Weapons that are available for purchase.

  • The entire list of items can be searched through by swiping left and right.
  • By tapping on an item, the item's stats will be displayed, as well as the current bid and buyout prices.
  • Tapping on the Blue button in the center adds that item to your Watch List.

Bidding and Buyouts

There are two ways to buy and sell items on the market:

  • Bidding - For the duration of the auction you can place Bids on an item.
    • Once the auction timer expires, the highest bidder wins the item.
    • If you are outbid on an item, the credits are immediately returned to your account.
    • Players can use Personal History (:ph) Chat Commands to track and monitor recent auction transactions.
  • Buyouts - Sellers can place a buyout price on an item. Whoever pays that price immediately wins that item.

Selling Items

To begin selling an item, tap on the Sell Button. This brings up a list of items inside your personal Bank.

Market selling1.png

  • Select the desired item with the green reticle.
  • Set the starting bid price for the item by tapping the Set Bid Button and entering the desired amount.
  • Set the starting buyout price for the item by tapping the Set Buyout Button and entering the desired maximum price.
    • It is not necessary to set a buyout price. If you don't set one, the highest bidder will win the auction once it is over.

Market selling2.png

Setting the starting bid at $200,000 credits

An auction's duration is dependant upon the item's rarity. The more rare an item is, the longer it will be up for players to bid on!

If an auction does not have any bids once its duration has expired, it will be returned to your bank.

Once the item has been put on the Auction House, you can monitor its progress from the main Auction Screen by tapping the "My Items" Button.

  • Sometimes an item may not show up right away. Logging out and back into the game should fix this display error.

Market my items.png