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The Inventory/Bank Button accessed from the Ship Screen

The player Bank is accessed by tapping on your ship and pressing the Inventory Button.

Equipment is stored inside the Bank.

New ships start with a Bank size of 20, but this can be expanded inexpensively on The Black Dollar Menu.

  • The Bank size cap is 100.

Equipment stored in the Bank can be used for:

  • Storage
  • Selling items on the Auction House
  • Retrieving items purchased on the Auction House

Items can be moved To Bank from inside the Ship Inventory screen, but only while in Blue Sectors or Alliance Sectors.

Items can be moved to the Ship Inventory from inside the Bank by using the Take Button, but only while in Blue Sectors or Alliance Sectors.

The Bank's capacity can "overflow" by 40 items due to a lot of Auction House activity. If a bank is over capacity, items cannot be added to it. If the overflow exceeds 40 items, any new items added to the bank will be automatically deleted. These deleted items cannot be restored under any circumstances. It is the player's responsibility to manage his or her own inventory responsibly and not abuse or exploit the Bank/Auction system for additional "free" storage.