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==Other Bonuses==
==Other Bonuses==
* Significant damage increase vs Pirate NPCs
* Significant damage increase vs '''PLAYERS''' (enemy ships)
* +1 Equip Point at Precursor rarity and +2 at Ultimate
* +1 Equip Point at Precursor rarity and +2 at Ultimate

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The Bounty Hunter special was first offered for :CLAIM points during the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Not all game clients currently display the correct stats!

You can see the stats here: Armory Page Stats

(It still works correctly even if your game client is not up-to-date)

Durability Theft

The Bounty Hunter can steal durability when you kill another player, and randomly repair one of your items.

How much is stolen depends on the gear your target is wearing, but it can range from 5% to 13% Durability.

It might repair items which are already at 100%, so you could potentially have items with 113% Durability.

It can repair Common rarity items, but not items at 1% Durability.

Only the Precursor and Ultimate versions of Bounty Hunter can steal more than 5% Durability.

To prevent exploits, your opponent must have a certain threshold of quality gear for this to trigger.

Note: This item does NOT increase durability loss for your opponent.

XP for PvP Kills

When you kill another player, you will earn XP based on the target's level and the rarity of your Bounty Hunter.

The XP can be significant. Killing a Level 100 player with an Ultimate Bounty Hunter equipped is worth 2,200 XP with MindSurge bonus.

Other Bonuses

  • Significant damage increase vs PLAYERS (enemy ships)
  • +1 Equip Point at Precursor rarity and +2 at Ultimate