Bounty Hunter

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  • The Bounty Hunter special will be available with the :claim system during the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
  • Armory Page Stats
    • ATTENTION: Not all clients will show the item's stats. However, the item will function as detailed on the Armory Page.
  • When you kill another player with the Bounty Hunter equipped, you will gain experience based on the level of the person you killed.
    • NOTE: This ability is Gearscore dependent! You will not earn experience for farming under-geared accounts
  • When you get the killing blown on a player you MAY gain small amounts of durability on your equipped items.
    • NOTE: This ability is Gearscore dependent! You will not gain durability for farming under-geared accounts
    • Targets need to have Ultra Rare items in every slot
    • Your items can be repaired for a total of 1-13%, depending on your opponent's Gearscore and the rarity of your Bounty Hunter. You cannot repair for more than 5% per kill unless you have a Precursor or Ultimate Bounty Hunter.
    • Items can be repaired to a maximum of 115% durability.
    • Common items cannot be repaired.
  • The Special will provide a Damage Bonus vs Pirate NPCs (+2% per Rarity, up to 14%)
  • Precursor and Ultimate versions will provide +1 EP and +2 EP, respectively.