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You can purchase a Carrier at a cost of $25,000,000 credits from your Alliance Planet if it has been Terraformed to a Gaia V World. The Carrier provides 11 EquipPoints and moves at a rate of 10.5s per jump. The Carrier comes pre-equipped with an Ultimate Deflector and thus, is impervious to Stun. The Carrier also provides a Fleet Leadership bonus that speeds up allied ships in the same sector.

Fleet Leadership Bonus

The Carrier's Fleet Leadership Bonus allows all allied ships in the same sector to move at the same speed as the carrier, regardless of the ships' own Movement Cooldown, up to a maximum speed that varies by server.

  • The Carrier and all allied ships in the same sector can move as fast as 2s per jump
  • Items such as Skip Drive and Neutron Drive do not affect the movement speed of ships following the carrier.

This property of the Carrier allows its allies to equip lower-ranked Carbide/Osmium/Holocrine armor and higher-ranked weapons and still move swiftly about the map.

Carrier Vision

A player piloting a Carrier who is either a Leader or a SuperOfficer of his Corporation can see all members of his Corporation and all allied Corporations on the map regardless of :HIDE status.