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The Chat Button is located on the left side of the game screen.

Tap on the Chat Button to open up The Infinite Black's chat window.

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There are several different Chat Channels you can use to communicate with other players. Each channel has its own purpose. To switch between the different chat rooms, select the desired label on the chat screen. To speak in Chat, all you need to do is enter your message and press the Send button.

Chat Tabs

Tutorial chattabs.png

  • Universe - Once your account reaches level 10, you can talk in Universe Chat. All The Infinite Black players have access to this chat, regardless of their server.
  • Server - The primary public chat area for your server (e.g. Unity Server and Gold Server), new players cannot use Server chat until they are level 2.
  • Sector - Local sector discussion and other sector-related events. Only ships within the current sector can see this chat.
  • Corp - The private chat room for player-made Corporations.
  • Alliance - The room where members of corporations within the same Alliance can communicate and coordinate with one another.
  • Market - The place for players to discuss buying and selling of items. When new items are posted on the Auction House, it is announced in Market chat.
  • Events - A general-purpose log of activity, including the combat log.

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To send a message to a Chat Channel, select the appropriate one (e.g. Server), type in your message, and press Send.

Private Messages

You can send Private Messages (aka PMs, tells or whispers) to other players. There are several ways to do this:

  • Type /NAME {message} and then press send.
  • Scroll through the alphabetized list on the right, tap on the person's name, and then write your message.
  • Reply - repeatedly pressing this button cycles through a list of the last people to send you Private Messages.

Chat pm tutorial2.png

You can add other players to your Friends List. Type :friend NAME, and it's done! People on your Friends List will always appear at the top of the Name Listing on the right side of the screen if they are online.

You can send PMs to players on other servers.

It is also possible to send PMs to people who are offline. When they log back in, they will see the messages you left for them.