Combat Points

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Combat Points are earned for PvP kills and Garrison Engagements.

Player vs Player

  • Both the attacker and target must have quality items equipped.
  • If either the attacker or the target are lacking in quality items, no Combat Points can be earned.
  • Players need rare or better items in MOST gear slots to earn or give Combat Points.
  • If you did not earn Combat Points for a kill, the target was not very strong, and wasn't worthy.
  • This rule is intended to help protect new players. There isn't any benefit for hunting them.

Garrison Engagements

  • As a successful attacker, you will earn Combat Points equal to Garrison Rank x3.
  • As a successful defender, you will earn Combat Points based on a variety of factors, such as how big the battle was.
  • PvP kills during Garrison Engagements earn double Combat Points.
  • You do not need to be in the sector when the battle ends to earn Combat Points.

The :COMBAT Chat Command

  • Use the :COMBAT chat command to see a list of items, their costs, and your point total.
  • Use the :COMBAT [ITEM] [SHIP CLASS] chat command to spend points on an item.
    • It is automated, be careful what you type!
    • Example: :COMBAT Sage Devastator will create a Tech I Sage Computer for a Devastator ship.
  • Use the :COMBAT Upgrade command to convert an equipped Tech I Computer into a Tech II Computer, or a Tech II to a Tech III
  • To give a Wyrd Terminus use :UNLOCK [PLAYER NAME] TERMINUS