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Computers are ship-specific equipment that allow players to fine-tune their ship's setup. However, all computers come with stat penalties in other areas. These penalties can be reduced or removed by obtaining higher-rarity versions.

There are two general types of computers; Regular and Advanced.

There are four versions (Mk.I-IV) of each type of regular computers. Each version has the same stat bonus, but they differ in their penalties.

There are three versions (Tech I-III) of each type of advanced computers. As the version increases, so does the stat bonuses, but the penalties remain the same (e.g. a Tech I has the same penalties as a Tech III).

Computers can be upgraded with Item Engineering.

  • The version (Mk or Tech) of a computer cannot be changed with Engineering.
  • Changing the ship-type of a computer does not affect a computer's stat bonuses or penalties.

A full database of Computers can be accessed through The Infinite Black Leaderboard. Click Equipment --> Computer.

Agent Computers

Cabal Computers

  • Cabal Mk. I-IV computers provide bonuses to Critical Hit Chance.
  • Cabal Tech computers provide bonuses to Critical Hit Chance and EquipPoints.

Drone Computers

  • Drone Mk. I-IV computers provide bonuses to Splash Chance.
  • Drone Tech computers provide bonuses to Splash Chance and EquipPoints.

Havok Computers

  • Havok Mk. I-IV computers provide bonuses to Hit Chance and Movement Speed.
  • Havok Tech computers provide bonuses to Hit Chance, Movement Speed, and EquipPoints.

Sage Computers

  • Sage Mk. I-IV computers provide bonuses to Experience Gains.
  • Sage Tech computers provide bonuses to Experience Gains and EquipPoints.

Toil Computers

Warrior Computers

Upgrading Advanced Computers

Advanced (Tech) Computers can be upgraded from Tech I to Tech II, or from Tech II to Tech III by redeeming Combat Points. In order to upgrade an Advanced Computer, it must be equipped on your ship.

  • Upgrading from a Tech I Computer to a Tech II costs 10,000 Combat Points.
  • Upgrading from a Tech II Computer to a Tech III costs 15,000 Combat Points.

What happens when I upgrade my Advanced Computer?

  • Rarity of your item is retained. If you had a Legendary Cabal Tech I equipped, you will have a Legendary Cabal Tech II equipped.
  • The attribute bonuses provided by the Advanced Computer will be increased slightly
  • Your new computer will provide an additional EquipPoint
  • The penalties (if any) associated with your Computer will not change