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Corp jump.png

Corp Jump works similarly to Earth Jump by quickly transporting a player across the map.

The Corp Jump ability is accessed in the Ship Action Menu.

Tapping on the Corp Jump button activates the ability, and it costs 2 Black Dollars to use.

Once activated, the ship's Jump Engines takes some time to initiate before the Corp Jump happens.

  • Outside of combat, it takes 3 seconds.
  • While in combat, it takes (Ship Base Movement Speed (with HyperDrive turned OFF) x 1.5) seconds.
    • e.g. A ship with 12 seconds movement speed (or, 6 seconds with HyperDrive turned ON) takes 18 seconds to Corp Jump while in combat.
  • During an engagement, Corp Jump takes 60 seconds

When Corp Jump completes, the player is immediately transported to his Corporation's Garrison.

  • If the garrison is not deployed, the player will go to his Alliance Planet.
  • If both garrison and planet are not deployed, Corp Jump will fail.
  • Hardcore Mode accounts can only Corp Jump once a day.
    • If a Hardcore player Corp Jumps while on his Garrison, he will be transported to a random sector.

Corp Jump can be cancelled by tapping the Earth Jump button or by select Corp Jump again.

Moving out of the current sector will cancel the Corp Jump.

Being grappled-and-dragged by enemy players or NPCs equipped with Grappling Hook Specials can forcibly cancel a Corp Jump.