Corporation and Alliance Purging

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Due to the open and free nature of The Infinite Black, hundreds of new Corporations and Alliances are created each week.

In order for the game to work correctly we occasionally must remove inactive members, and purge inactive corporations. This purge process occurs each time the server is restarted for maintenance.

  • Inactive non-leader characters are removed from a corporation after 60 days
  • Inactive leader characters are removed from a corporation after 90 days
  • If a corporation has no leader, SuperOfficers are promoted
  • If a corporation has no members, it is purged
  • If an alliance has no corporations, it is purged

Access your corporation at least once per week!

Players are responsible for maintaining their accounts and corporations. We will not be able to recover purged accounts, corporations (including stored items), or alliances.

All purging and deletion events occur during server maintenance, which is run "as needed" and not on any schedule.

"Throw-away" Leader accounts that are NOT protected from being Purged will most undoubtedly be purged after 60 days, causing you to lose your Corporation. Protect your accounts!

The :PURGE Command

Corporation Leaders can use the :PURGE [# of Days][RANK] chat command to :KICK any members that are inactive.

  • Type :purge in-game for exact formatting of the command.
  • For example, :PURGE 10 R would :KICK all Recruits who have not been active in the last 10 days.