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There are many Corporations willing to invite new players to their Ranks. Joining a Corporation is a great thing to do because you will be able to find other players to play with. They can also help you get acquainted with the game and might even lend you some starter equipment! If you happen to join a new Corporation and they aren't to your liking, don't be afraid to look for a new one. You can leave a Corporation by typing :leave in the chat box.

Corporations come in different flavors. Some prefer to hunt NPCs, while others are more focused on PVP, and many do both! You can also make your own Corporation with your friends, but the price is a steep $500,000 credits, so it will require a coordinated and concerted effort to raise those funds. The Chat Commands section provides a list of corporation-specific commands you use, including how to make one.

To make the initial experience for new players a little less confusing, they cannot be invited to join Corporations until they reach Level 0.5.

Corporations can be members of Alliances. Alliances are groups of corporations that work for a united purpose. Think of them as super-Corporations. When you join your new Corporation, you are also joining the Alliance it belongs to (if it belongs to one).

You can access Corporation and Alliance information by pressing the Web Tools "trophy button" icon on your game screen.


  • Access to the Corporate Garrisons headquarters
  • Garrison Technology provides everyone within the Corporation passive stat bonuses. The higher the Garrison Levels, the more bonuses it provides.
  • The Research facility allows you to upgrade your garrison's level by donating resources. Significantly upgrading a garrison requires a group effort.
  • The Corp Jump ability becomes available.
    • The command is accessed through the Ship Action Menu.
    • The ability uses 2 Black Dollars, but lets you travel across the vastness of space instantly!
  • Your Garrison Sectors are considerably safer than other Black Sectors (but not 100% safe)
  • You can access your Bank from your Garrison Sector
  • You can equip and unequip items while in your Garrison's sector


Joining a Corporation will also join their Alliance.

  • You become friendly status with all allied players
  • You can move around allied Garrisons safely, and usually don't have to worry about being attacked by enemies or NPCs.
  • Most importantly, you gain access to Alliance Planets, which is where you can buy the more advanced Ships
  • By working with others in your Alliance, you can participate in Terraforming your Alliance Planet. This unlocks new and better ships for everyone to use!
  • Participate in Alliance vs Alliance PVP, either in empty space or through Garrison Engagements.
  • On Red and Blue Server, there can be an unlimited number of Corporations in an Alliance, but only 8 Garrisons can be deployed at once. On Green Server, there can only be 3 Corporations per Alliance, and up to 3 Garrisons may be deployed.