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Deflection is the ability of a Target ship to deflect damage back at its attacker. This ability is provided by Deflector Specials.

Here's how Deflection works:

The attacker's damage output is unchanged by the deflector, and the attacker suffers a percentage of that damage based solely on the rarity of the target's deflector. Only the attacker's damage modifier and the target's damage vulnerability modifier come into play during the exchange. The damage deflected back to the attacker is simply the target's deflect percentage multiplied by the attacker's damage.

For example:

  • Attacker A shoots Target T
    • Attacker A has a +10% damage modifier
    • Attacker A has -5% damage vulnerability modifier
    • Target T has +20% damage vulnerability modifier
    • Target T has +25% damage modifier
    • Target T has a Legendary Deflector that deflects 15% damage back at attacker
    • Attacker A's minimum damage is 100
  • Attacker A fires and rolls 100 damage (equal to his minimum)
    • Attacker A's +10% damage modifier kicks in
    • Target T's +20% damage vulnerability kicks in
    • Target T suffers 132 damage (100 * 1.1 * 1.2)
    • Target T DEFLECTS 20 damage back to Attacker A (132 * 0.15)
  • Attacker A's -5% damage vulnerability modifier does not come into play
  • Target T's +25% damage modifier does not come into play.