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Deflection is a defensive ability which allows a target to reflect damage and stuns back to an attacker.

Typically this is provided by Deflector Specials.

  • If that attacker is also wearing a Deflector, it will not protect them from receiving their own stun.
  • Deflection does not reduce the original damage done to the target.
  • Damage is never deflected back against NPCs.
  • Deflectors will absorb stuns from NPCs. They will not deflect it back.
  • Battle Ram specials have a stun that will always go through Deflectors.
  • Deflectors cannot block stuns from Intradictors during Garrison Engagements.


  • The attacker's damage output is unchanged by the deflector.
  • The attacker suffers a percentage of that damage based on the rarity of the target's Deflector.
  • The attacker's damage modifier and the target's damage vulnerability modifier come into play during the exchange.
  • The damage deflected back to the attacker is the target's deflect percentage multiplied by the attacker's damage.


  • Attacker A shoots Target T
    • Attacker A has a +10% damage modifier
    • Attacker A has -5% damage vulnerability modifier
    • Target T has +20% damage vulnerability modifier
    • Target T has +25% damage modifier
    • Target T has a Legendary Deflector that deflects 15% damage back at attacker
    • Attacker A's minimum damage is 100
  • Attacker A fires and rolls 100 damage (equal to his minimum)
    • Attacker A's +10% damage modifier kicks in
    • Target T's +20% damage vulnerability kicks in
    • Target T suffers 132 damage (100 * 1.1 * 1.2)
    • Target T DEFLECTS 20 damage back to Attacker A (132 * 0.15)
  • Attacker A's -5% damage vulnerability modifier does not come into play
  • Target T's +25% damage modifier does not come into play.