Dying in The Infinite Black

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You're going to die!

The universe is a cold, brutal place where death and strife are the only true constants. In such a world your grizzly end is not only inevitable, but imminent.

You are going to die. A lot.

Normal Account Death Penalties

  • All standard deaths, no matter what the circumstances, will result in equipped gear taking Durability damage.
    • Equipped items with a durability of 25% or lower can be stolen via Item Theft by enemy players.
    • When an item reaches 0% durability, it will be destroyed.
    • Deaths caused by NPCs will result in a 5% durability loss.
    • Deaths caused by enemy players will result in a 5% durability loss.
      • Being killed by an NPC with an hostile player in the sector counts as a PVP death.
  • Resources in Storage will be dumped into the sector in which a player dies.
  • All deaths have a small credit repair fee. The bigger the ship, the larger the repair fee.
  • When a ship is destroyed, the player is sent to Earth and is fully repaired.

Hardcore Account Death Penalties

  • 20% durability loss on all equipped items.
    • Equipped items with a durability of 20% or less are destroyed
  • Items with durability between 21% and 25% might be stolen! (See: Item Theft)
  • All Inventory and equipped items that are not destroyed or stolen are dumped into the current sector when a hardcore account dies
  • The ship currently being used is destroyed.
  • All experience is lost and the account is reset to Level 0.1.
  • When a ship is destroyed, the player is sent to a random sector.
  • Credits, Black Dollars, banked items, and unequipped ships are NOT lost.