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Earth is a neutral planet located in the middle of the map (sector 40/40).

Earth has several limitations and is easily surpassed in functionality by Alliance Planets.

There is always a StarPort at Earth.

Players can Earth Jump by long-pressing the icon located next to their ship. This ability transports them to Earth quickly and costs 2 Black Dollars.


  • Earth is currently a really unpleasant place. People didn't pay attention to the scientist's warning about global warming. Ecologies collapsed, plains turned into deserts, and people starved.
  • Mega-corporations were allowed to run amok with minimal regulations, which didn't help the situation. Profit over people!
  • The world economy collapsed, and the only organizations that really survived were the mega-corporations. Governments, entire nations became completely marginalized, if not disappearing entirely.
  • Realizing that Earth wasn't the best place to make a buck, the Corporations developed advanced space-faring technologies.
  • They first colonized the moon and began harvest enormous amounts of resources. They later moved to Mars, the Asteroid Belt, and then to moons on the Outer Planets.
  • Eventually, Jump Technology was developed. The Corporation that first discovered it claimed they did it entirely on their own, but rumors abound that they actually found it in on a Wyrd (or even Precursor!) wreck.
  • Corporations went interstellar. They located, terraformed, and colonized planets. They then used those resources to further strengthen their corporations personal space fleets.

Developer's Lore Note - Earth's primary export to the stars comes in the form of colonists. - Incidentally, the average age of Earth's population is surprisingly young, and oddly lacking in a prison system.