Earth Jump

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Earth Jump works similarly to Corp Jump by quickly transporting a player across the map, to Earth.

The Earth Jump Button is located near the player's Ship Icon. The ability can also be accessed in the Ship Action Menu.

Long-pressing on the Earth Jump button activates the ability, and it costs 2 Black Dollars to use.

Once activated, the ship's Jump Engines takes some time to initiate before the Earth Jump happens.

  • Outside of combat, it takes 3 seconds.
  • While in combat, it takes (Ship Movement Speed x 3) seconds.
    • e.g. A ship with 6 seconds movement speed takes 18 seconds to Earth Jump while in combat.

When Earth Jump completes, the player is immediately transported to Earth

  • Hardcore Mode accounts can only Earth Jump or Corp Jump once a day.
  • When Hardcore accounts Earth Jumps, they perform a Corp Jump.

Earth Jump can be cancelled by long-pressing the Earth Jump button or tapping the Earth Jump or Corp Jump buttons in the Ship Action Menu.

Moving out of the current sector will cancel the Earth Jump.

Being grappled-and-dragged by enemy players or NPCs equipped with Grappling Hook Specials can forcibly cancel an Earth Jump in progress.

During active Garrison Engagements, Earth Jump takes 60 seconds.