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"Elite" status can be conferred to a player using Combat Points and the :elite NAME chat command.

There are three ranks of Elite, and each one provides +1 EquipPoints to that player.

Each Elite rank (I-III) costs 25,000 Combat Points. Elite rank IV costs 100,000 Combat Points. Elite Rank V costs 200,000 Combat Points.

Elite ranks are server-specific for your account.

  • e.g. If you are "Elite 1" on Grey server, you will NOT be "Elite 1" on Red server
  • e.g. If you are "Elite 3" you get an additional 3 EP, regardless if you are in a Shuttle or Flagship

If you transfer, the highest Elite Rank is preserved from either the source or destination server. Elite Ranks are not merged on transfer!

Your ship's maximum EP will NOT be reflected in the game client properly until a client update is released, but you will be able to use your Elite EP bonus immediately.