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"Elite" status can be conferred to a player using Combat Points and the :elite NAME chat command.

There are three ranks of Elite, and each one provides +1 EquipPoints to that player.

Each Elite rank (I-III) costs 25,000 Combat Points. Elite rank IV costs 100,000 Combat Points. Elite Rank V costs 200,000 Combat Points.

Elite ranks are server-specific for your account.

  • e.g. If you are "Elite 1" on Grey server, you will NOT be "Elite 1" on Red server
  • e.g. If you are "Elite 3" you get an additional 3 EP, regardless if you are in a Shuttle or Flagship

Your ship's maximum EP will NOT be reflected in the game client properly until a client update is released, but you will be able to use your Elite EP bonus immediately.