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Item Engineering Basics

Item Engineering is an item modification system that can be found on the Engineering tab of a friendly planets (including Earth). All Item Types can be engineered.

Tutorial eng.png

The Android client Engineering window.

Item Engineering only uses Black Dollars, and does not use Credits.

  • Reasoning: The Infinite Black has an open and free economy that is determined entirely by players. If engineering used credits, it would forever define the BD:Credit conversion rate, and thus limit the in-game economy.
  • Black Dollars can easily be purchased from other players with Credits

To engineer an item, it needs to be in a ship's Inventory. Items cannot be equipped or in the Bank. Tapping on the "Select an Item" slot in the engineering interface is how

There are some restrictions to what items can be engineered, and how:

  • An item must be uncommon Item Rarity or higher.
  • Common items and items with 1% Durability cannot be engineered.
  • Items of ultimate rarity can be ranked up or down in size, but cannot be augmented.
  • Items with EquipPoints (size) values of 1 cannot be ranked down to size 0.

Engineering Costs increase as the rarity of an item increases.


  • Augmentation is the process that increases an item's rarity.
    • Example: an uncommon Storage III can be augmented to a rare Storage III.
  • Increasing an item's rarity increases its stats and reduces its size by 1.
  • It is possible to augment a Size 1 item to a Size 0 item.
    • Example: an uncommon Burst Cannon II (size 1) can be augmented to a rare Burst Cannon II (size 0).

Rank Up/Down

  • Ranking increases or decreases the Size of Weapons, Armor, and Storage.
    • Making an item larger improves its stats slightly (per rank).
    • Making an item smaller reduces its stats slightly (per rank).
    • A Size 1 item cannot be ranked-down to Size 0.
    • A Size 0 item can be ranked-up to Size 1.
  • Ranking can be used to adjust the Ship Class of Computers and Specials.
    • Example: a Toil computer (flagship) can be ranked up to a Toil (carrier), then a to Toil (flayer), and then to a Toil (executioner)

Some ship classes share Computer and Specials and do not have Ship Ranks of their own:

Engines and Harvesters cannot be Ranked, as they do not have ship requirements.


  • Unwanted items can be deconstructed for Reward Points (RP).
    • RP are used to claim ships and items with the :Reward Chat Commands.
  • An item is worth 0.01 RP for every $2,000 Credits of value.
    • Example: a item worth $300,000 credits can be deconstructed for 1.5 RP.


  • Items that have damaged Durability can be repaired.
  • Maintaining a certain amount of durability on equipment is very important!
    • Items with a durability of 5% or lower will be destroyed if a player is killed by NPCs.
    • Items with a durability of 10% or lower will be destroyed if a player is killed by an enemy player.
    • Items with a durability of 25% or lower can be stolen by enemy players when killed!
  • Items are repaired by 10% durability at a time when using the Repair feature.