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Item Engineering is an item upgrade system found as an option for unequipped items inside your inventory or bank.

Inventory item.png


  • Item Engineering uses Black Dollars.
  • An item must be uncommon Item Rarity or higher.
  • Durability must be higher than 1%.
  • Weapons, Armor and Storage cannot have their EquipPoints reduced to zero by Ranking
  • Weapons, Armor and Storage can have their EquipPoints reduced to zero by Augmenting
  • Engineering Costs increase as the rarity of an item increases.

Augment Rarity

  • Augmentation increases an item's rarity.
    • Example: an uncommon Storage III can be augmented to a rare Storage III.
  • Increasing an item's rarity increases its stats and reduces its EquipPoints size by 1.
  • It is possible to augment a Size 1 (1 EP) item to a Size 0 (0 EP) item.
    • Example: an uncommon Burst Cannon II (size 1) can be augmented to a rare Burst Cannon II (size 0).

Rank Up/Down

  • Ranking increases or decreases the Size of Weapons, Armor, and Storage.
    • Making an item larger improves its stats slightly (per rank).
    • Making an item smaller reduces its stats slightly (per rank).
    • A size 1 (1 EP) item cannot be ranked-down to size 0 (0 EP).
    • A Size 0 (0 EP) item can be ranked-up to Size 1 (1 EP).
  • Ranking can be used to adjust the Ship Class of Computers and Specials.
    • Example: a Toil computer (flagship) can be ranked up to a Toil (carrier), then a to Toil (flayer), and then to a Toil (executioner)

Some ship classes share Computer and Specials and do not have Ship Ranks of their own:

Engines and Harvesters cannot be Ranked, as they do not have ship requirements.


  • Unwanted items can be deconstructed for Reward Points (RP).
    • RP are used to claim ships and items with the :Reward Chat Commands.
  • An item is worth 0.01 RP for every $2,000 Credits of value.
    • Example: a item worth $300,000 credits can be deconstructed for 1.5 RP.


  • Items that have damaged Durability can be repaired.
  • Maintaining a certain amount of durability on equipment is very important!
    • Items with a durability of 5% or lower will be destroyed if a player is killed by NPCs.
    • Items with a durability of 5% or lower will be destroyed if a player is killed by an enemy player.
    • Items with a durability of 25% or lower can be stolen by enemy players when killed!
  • Items are repaired by 10% durability at a time when using the Repair feature.


The Info Button allows you to view an item and see how it improves as you change its rarity and rank.